Attract, Engage and Convert in an emotional light

DDW (Dutch Design Week) confirmed that 7 days could not cover its detailed, fascinating exhibition, during 397 events, which grabbed attention of thousands of students, designers, architects, fashion consumers and retailers. Still, it was enough to confirm Philips’s passion for lights.

New retail tools created by Philips Application Center in Eindhoven, have been revealed to top retail managers and architects from France, Poland, Brazil, and any country that has discovered the magic of light in retail.

MATIUS (retail architecture), Musette (leather fashion leader), invited by Philips Lighting Romania to its main creative core in Eindhoven, have had the privilege to ‘taste’ the fresh crisp white of a new L.E.D. professional lamp generation, prior to EuroShop Trade Fair 2014.

It was a time for MATIUS to publicly present his solution of combining the lighting fixtures and HVAC ducts to one single modulated device, a revolutionary unit that would increase the lifetime of LED-lamps and solve the task of mixing too many objects on a retail ceiling plan.

Cristina Batlan (Musette), Elena JAJA (Philips Lighting Romania), Dorin Butaru (retail architect), and Alina Andries (Managing Partner – MATIUS retail architecture) , focused on light as emotion vehicle and planned to design a retail lighting fixture shaped to naturally attract, rapidly engage and definitely convert the window shopper into buyer.